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About us

At Nebig, our story is one of passion, expertise and an endless commitment to providing exceptional packaging solutions. Founded with a vision to revolutionize the industry, to add value to the customer's chain, we embarked on a journey driven by innovation and a deep understanding of our customers' needs.

From humble beginnings, we have grown into a trusted partner, serving diverse industries with unwavering dedication. Our success is rooted in our unwavering belief that packaging is more than just a bag – it is an essential link that protects, preserves and increases the value of products.

What sets us apart is our relentless pursuit of excellence.

We combine our extensive knowledge and experience with advanced technologies and sustainable practices to deliver packaging solutions that exceed expectations.

Our team of experts works closely with each customer, delving into their unique challenges and goals to provide tailored solutions that maximize efficiency and optimize product protection.

It's not just about the packaging – it's about the relationships we build along the way.

We pride ourselves on being more than suppliers; we are trusted advisors and partners, working with our clients to overcome complexities, foresee future trends and seize new opportunities.

As we continue to evolve, our commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction remains intact. We are determined to push boundaries, explore new horizons and reimagine the possibilities in the world of packaging.

Join us on this incredible journey; Let’s unleash the true potential of your products together with Nebig – the partner that understands your needs, exceeds your expectations and drives your success.



At Nebig, we are endlessly committed to being involved in every aspect of your journey. We immerse ourselves in your questions, challenges and goals, driven by our passion to find the right solutions and to take that extra step. We take responsibility and make strong connections with our customers and with each other, creating a sense of loyalty and trust. As a team player, we support and help each other to achieve joint success. We believe in enjoying our work and having fun along the way, creating an exciting and positive environment for everyone.


Expertise is at the heart of what we do. We have the knowledge and skills needed to provide high quality, independent advice. We value accuracy and strive to deliver the best possible total solution with uncompromising quality. We are committed to continuous learning and growth, always looking to expand our expertise and keep up with industry trends.


Partnership is the basis of our approach. We prioritize trust and strive to build lasting relationships based on mutual understanding and long-term continuity. Our focus is on providing exceptional service and support focused on solutions. We believe in the power of collaboration, where 1+1 is more than the sum of its parts. Transparency and caring are woven into our interactions, creating a sense of equality and interdependence.


We are driven by ambition and a mindset of continuous improvement, constantly exceeding expectations. Our pride in the Nebig brand reflects our commitment to excellence. We lead by example, inspire both customers and suppliers with our commitment and go the extra mile to achieve optimal results. Nothing is too much for us as we strive for leadership and make a lasting impact.