Big Bags (FIBCs)

Big Bags are flexible container bags, which can carry a weight of 500 up to 2000 kg.

Nebig delivers Big Bags with every opening and closing in use.

Big Bags can be used multiple times and furthermore consist of Polypropylene and can thus completely be recycled.

Nebig has a joint venture with two manufacturers of Big Bags. These factories are located in Asia and East Europe and comply with all modern requirements in the area of HACCP and AIB standardisations.

From East Europe we’re able to deliver big bags in all desired specifications within a time limit of two weeks.

Nebig delivers even very complicated Big Bags of top quality.

Nebig also delivers anti static Big Bags. These can be of essential importance for save discharging and loading. A static load can lead to explosions of flammable substances. By using Type C and D Big Bags these risks are limited to a minimum.

Big Bags can almost always be custom made so that the bags comply with all your requirements. With the Big Bag quality labels are delivered standard so that you are always sure about the quality requested by you.

Big Bags consist completely of polypropylene; because of this, they’re recyclable and can be used multiple times if needed.

The Big Bags bags can be printed by us with the logos and texts delivered by you. This can be done double sided and in multiple colours.

Should you have more questions, please call on Carsten Kristensen, our specialist in the area of Big Bags.