1-2 loops Big Bags

1 to 2 loop bags are mainly used for weights up to 1,000 kg, and the filling speed is of great importance. These bags can also be fitted with a liner so that the contents remain dry. The thickness of the liner may vary from 40 to 150 microns.

These bags are mainly used in the food, animal feed, mineral and pharmaceutical industries, construction/waste and recycling industry.

For more options or questions, please contact one of our sales managers Ed Wessels.

Specifications 1-2 loops Big Bags

  • In square version
  • Weight/capacity from 200 kg to 1,000 kg
  • SF 5:1/6:1/8:1
  • In accordance with ISO 21898:2004 standardisation (for non-hazardous substances)
  • Coated and uncoated cloth
  • With or without dust seal
  • With or without liner (40 to 150 microns)
  • All combinations of filling and unloading options
  • All lifting option
  • Printing in 4 colours (per side)