Standard 4-Loops Big Bags

In addition to our standard 4 loops Big Bags, or flexible container bags that carry a weight up to 2,000 kg, we deliver difficult to make Big Bags of the highest quality to many Nebig Flexible Solutions customers. Constructions in round or flat woven cloth, U-panel or circular, standard loops, Cross-corner loops or tunnel hoisting systems. All combinations of filling and unloading options. Too many to mention, look at the Specifications.

These 4 loops FIBC/BB are mainly used in food (e.g. cereals, coffee and cocoa beans), animal feed, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

For more options or questions, please contact one of our sales managers Pascal Veerkamp or Wim van Berkel.

Standard specifications 4-loops Big Bags

  • In square and rectangular design
  • Weight from 100 kg to 2,000 kg
  • SF 5:1/6:1/8:1
  • In accordance with ISO 21898:2004 standardisation (for non-hazardous products)
  • Coated and uncoated cloth (60 – 300 gram/m2)
  • With or without dust seal
  • With or without liner
  • All combinations of filling and unloading options
  • U + 2 constructions, round fabric and conical
  • All lifting options
  • Printing up to 4 colours (per side)
  • Type A, B