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Conductive Big Bags

Conductive Big Bags

We have specially designed antistatic Big Bags Type C and D with X-static TM technology, which occurs during the filling and unloading of Big Bags static electricity that can lead to explosion of flammable gases, vapours and dust. It is vitally important in the industry to deal with static electricity safely and the occurrence of explosions using antistatic FIBC/BB. These bags comply with the international standard IEC 61340-4-4.

Type C: Woven conductive wires connected to all parts of the FIBC and to an earth wiring with a resistance of less than 10 to the 8th ohm. If the inside or outside is coated, the breakdown voltage must be <6 kV in order to prevent the spreading of brush discharges. (Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22)

Type D: Cloth with a conductive tissue system and/or special coating. There is no interconnection with all parts of the FIBC and there is no grounding. These FIBCs are not conductive but give a charge to the environment via the corona effect. This FIBC should not be grounded. However, the environment, machinery and personnel must be completely grounded. And the humidity must comply with restrictions. (Zones (1), 2.22)


  • Weight/capacity up to 2,000 kg
  • Resistance ® less than 10 to 8th Ohm SF 5:1/6:1/8:1
  • UN/FIBC – according to the United Nations guidelines the orange book
  • With and without dust seal
  • With and without liner
  • All combinations of fill and loose options
  • Structures U + 2, circumferential and conical
  • All lifting options
  • Printing up to 4 colours (per side)

If you have any questions you can reach Pascal Veerkamp, our specialist in Conductive Big Bags.

Pascal Veerkamp

T/ +31 226 33 29 29
E/ P.Veerkamp@nebig.com