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Formstable Big Bags (Q-Bags)

Formstable Big Bags (Q-Bags)

These bags are available in square and rectangular designs and are fitted with an inner construction so that this bag stays standing after it is filled. Advantages include: safety, optimal load rate, minimum bulge and remaining within pallet dimensions. Improved stability and efficient utilisation of storage provides a saving on transport of up to 30%!

These Q Bags are mainly used for powder or grain products in the food (e.g. cereal, coffee and cocoa beans), animal feed, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


  • In square and rectangular design
  • Weight/capacity from 200 kg to 2,000 kg
  • SF 5:1/6:1/8:1
  • In accordance with ISO 21898: 200 standardisation (for non-hazardous products)
  • Coated and uncoated cloth
  • With or without dust seal
  • All combinations of filling and unloading options
  • All lifting options
  • Printing up to 4 colours (per side)
  • Type A, B, C and D

If you have any questions you can reach Pascal Veerkamp, our specialist in Formstable Big Bags (Q-Bags).

Pascal Veerkamp

T/ +31 226 33 29 29
E/ P.Veerkamp@nebig.com