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PE Bags

PE Bags

Nebig delivers a complete assortment of polyethylene bags, particularly for the industry.

Polyethylene bags don’t let moisture and air through. The bags can be delivered in almost any size, thickness, and colour; however, standard sizes are also available.

PE bags are available as:

– An open bag with a sealed bottom
An open bag with a glued bottom
Side fold bags
Valve bags

The PE bags are made from LDPE and HDPE. However, the bag often consists of a mix of various polymers or a coextrudate. Because of this, specific characteristics and significant weight savings can be achieved.

PE bags can also be used as an inner bag for the Jute bags, PP bags and Big Bags.

The PE bags can be printed by us double sided and in multiple colours.

If you have any questions you can reach Ivo Haije, our specialist in PE bags.

Ivo Haije
CCO – Key Account Management

T/ +31 (0) 226 – 33 29 29
E/ i.haije@nebig.com